Vale Wanderers AFC 2 - 1 St Fiacc's AFC

Referee: Paul Hunston

Vale Wanderers AFC take all points from St Fiacc's AFC.
2nd placed Vale Wanderers AFC marginally won 2-1 against their visitors, League leaders St Fiacc's AFC at Superbowl Leighlinbridge (Vale Wanderers) at 11:30 am

Vale Wanderers AFC
Form: W W L L W L W D L W W L

St Fiacc's AFC
Form: W W L W W W L L D W W W

Ashlee Smith moves to top scorer in this competition after scoring in this game taking the player's total scores to 15 goals.

Scorers: (Vale Wanderers AFC) Sarah Devine,Kate Burke
(St Fiacc's AFC) Ashlee Smith

Vale Wanderers AFC v St Fiacc's AFC
U15 girls 02/04 11:30
Vale Wanderers AFC 2 - 1 St Fiacc's AFC

Under 15 Girls League.

Vale Wanderers 2-1 St. Fiaccs

A very entertaining game at the Super Bowl today as vale U15 girls took on League leaders St Fiaccs. The game started at a very fast pace with vale pressing from the front. This press lead to Sarah Devine picking up a loose ball, breaking into the box and slotting home to give vale an early lead.

Vale kept up this pressure and Kate burke added to vales lead with a lovely drilled shot into the back of the net.

This woke st Fiaccs up and they started to get back into the game. Both teams had good chances to add to the score but it was Fiaccs who struck next through the always lively Ashlee smith.

2-1 to Vale at half time.

The 2nd half was a much tighter affair with both defences playing well.

Vale went close with chances for Kate burke, emma de lacy and Moya o toole who drew a terrific save from Kerrie Mcdonald.

Equally so, at the other end of the pitch Amy Farrell was in fine form as she kept Fiaccs out with some excellent reading of the game.

St Fiaccs as always played really well and pushed vale who in turn conceded a penalty in the last 3 min.

The resulting penalty just went wide of the post, and with very little left on the clock, vale saw the game out to record and excellent win.

Best for St Fiaccs were Ashlee Smith, Abbey O'Shea and Nadine O Reilly.

As for Vale, liadh Nolan, Moya O Toole, Sarah Devine and Kate burke shone.

02/04/2022 22:21
Current League Position
1St Fiacc's AFC1281328171125
2Vale Wanderers AFC126152522319

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Referee Statistics
Paul Hunston52122

Vale Wanderers AFCSt Fiacc's AFC
Abbie Meaney1
Alice Hickey4
Amy Farrell2
Kate Burke11
Roisin Collins2
Sarah Devine6
Zoe Clarke1
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Abbey O'Shea1
Ashlee Smith15
Ella Mathews1
Ella Mcguire1
Hanna Kerfah1
Hannah Mathews1
Kerri McDonald2
Leah Cummins3
Mia Branagan1
Millie Ingram Chatten1
Nadine O Reilly1
Nicole Osborne1
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