SFAI U15 Cup 2022/23

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St Patrick's Boys AFC A 0 - 1 Slievenamon Celtic

Referee: David Donegan

St Patrick's Boys AFC A are defeated by Slievenamon Celtic.
St Patrick's Boys AFC A were marginally beaten at home by Slievenamon Celtic at The Meadows Graiguecullen (St Pats Boys) at 1:15 pm

Both teams have already played a single game.

St Patrick's Boys AFC A v Slievenamon Celtic
St Pat 0 - 1 Slievenamon Celtic
U15 SFAI 24/09 13:15
St Patrick's Boys AFC A 0 - 1 Slievenamon Celtic

St. Pats 0 Slievenamon Celtic 1

A brilliant game of football between two very even sides. Pats started the better and were playing some very good football. It was attack after attack for the first 20 mins with some great play from Eanna Donigan on the right had side who crossed a great ball into the box only for Mikey Whelan to rattle the crossbar. Slievenamon then started to get a hold in midfield and started to create some chances but the Pats defence held out to leave it 0-0 at half time.

Second half started and both teams were playing some good football. There was a mix up in the Pats defence and the Slievenamon striker slotted home to make it 1-0. Pats didn't give up a threw everything at them. Pats scored a perfectly good equaliser only for the ref to rule it out for offside. Pats kept trying and hit the post on numerous occasions but it was one of those days where the ball just wouldn't go into the net. Even though the scoreline didn't go Pats way they played some excellent football and on any other day would have scored 4 or 5. Take nothing away from Slievenamon they worked hard and got their rewards. Best of luck to them for the rest of the competition.

A very good team performance from all the Slievenamon players.

Best for Pats - Warrith, Eoghan Kavanagh & Mark Buggy.

24/09/2022 17:52
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5Slievenamon Celtic11001013
6St Patrick's Boys AFC A100101-10

This competition head to head
24/09/22 1:15 pmSt Patrick's Boys AFC A01Slievenamon CelticThe Meadows Graiguecullen (St Pats Boys)

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24/09/22 1:15 pmSt Patrick's Boys AFC A01Slievenamon Celtic
Slievenamon Celtic
24/09/22 1:15 pmSt Patrick's Boys AFC A01Slievenamon Celtic
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