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1448722/01/2022/01/2010CDJL Match Card - Official Ref Match Card.xlsx
1403721/11/1921/11/1910Referee Report Form Match Report Form.docx
1323522/08/1922/08/1910Club Colours Document of Club Colours 2019-2020.docx
1323422/08/1922/08/1910Club Coaches/Manager/Committee/Volunteer Form Coach-Team Manager-Volunteer registration form 2019-2020.docx
1323322/08/1922/08/1910Affiliation Form 2019-2020 Form 2019-20201.docx
1251316/06/1916/06/193NEW BALANCE KENNEDY CUP – 11th -15th JUNE, 2019 squad of twenty Lads, together with their Coaches and League Officials, as well as Physios and a Chef left Carlow . on Tuesday morning to embark on a journey that they have been in intensive preparation for, over the past three years.
1014230/08/1822/08/1910On-line Player Registration Form 2019-2020 Player registration form 2019-2020.docx
481518/06/1710/06/1912Kennedy Cup 2017 Player Profile Pictures
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478022/05/1722/05/1710AGM Nomination Form 2017 - Nomination Form.docx
362429/10/1629/10/163Crettyard show Racism Red Card dayOn Saturday 22nd October Crettyard UTD AFC Juvenile club "Showed Racism the red card!" Our small club is located off the N78 in rural county Laois , situated close to the borders of both Kilkenny and Carlow. Our engagement with the campaign was simple but effective . Both our Under 13 and Under 12 teams were playing their league games against Hanover Harps and Vale wanderers . Both Cretty yard team managers Ramon Buggy and Martin Rice gave full support by allowing pre match preparation to be interrupted by Aine Geoghegan (Club Secretary)
343807/10/1607/10/163Carlow Girls Academy Squads year we established a Carlow girls soccer academy for the first time ever. Our u12 and u14 academies competed in the u12 Gaynor Cup (a one day blitz in Sligo) and the u14 Gaynor Cup (a 4 day tournament held in University Limerick). Due to the success of our academies last year we will also have an u16 academy this year that will participate in the u16 Gaynor Cup also held in University Limerick over 4/5 days.
331925/09/1625/09/1612U8 and U9 Blitz Format and 9 blitz1.pngThe format for the u8 and u9 is also going to be blitz with four teams at each venue playing dual games so there will be four matches going on at the same time on a full pitch. The example below shows what happens when there is two teams and two more will play in the other half and then swap over. With the u8 and u9 everybody will play three 20 minute matches (10 Mins a side). In the event we have uneven number of teams some weeks clubs will just play one game.
331825/09/1619/08/183U8 and U9 Formatplayer development plan u8.9 and 9 blitz.pngThe format for the u8 and u9 is going to be two teams playing dual games so there will be two matches going on at the same time on a full pitch. The example below shows what happens if you play on a full pitch. With the u8 and u9 everybody will play four 12 minute quarters.
331525/09/1625/09/1612U11 and U10 Blitz Format blitz pic1.pngThis year the format for u11 and u10 is dual games as below in the diagram so there is two games going on at the same time across a big pitch. There will be one official ref and the clubs take it in turn to officiate the other game. The ref swaps pitches at half time so all kids get equal time with ref. There will be four teams at most grounds every week unless a club ask for the day off. If two of the teams are from the same club then we play two 40 minute matches (20mins a half) to avoid the club playing against itself.
331425/09/1629/09/163U11 and U10 Blitz FormatBlitz procedure blitz pic.pngThis year the format for u11 and u10 is dual games as above in the diagram so there is two games going on at the same time across a big pitch. There will be one official ref and the clubs take it in turn to officiate the other game. The ref swaps pitches at half time so all kids get equal time with ref. There will be four teams at most grounds every week unless a club ask for the day off. If two of the teams are from the same club then we play two 40 minute matches (20mins a half) to avoid the club playing against itself.
312407/09/1631/08/1912Carlow and District Juveniles LeagueHandbook & Rules 2019 & Regulations Image 23.jpeThe purpose of the League Directory is to provide Affiliated Clubs with up to date information on the Structure, Policies and Rules of the League for the current season. The League’s Website – – is the official voice of the League Executive Committee and is the means by which affiliated clubs are officially advised of current developments in the game at local, regional and national level. Mission Statement It is the mission of the Executive Committee to dedicate its administrative services to improving the competitive position of all our affiliated clubs in all competitions. We seek to create and foster a challenging and stimulating environment in which our players can achieve their full potential through developing their skills and sustaining successful relationships with our affiliated clubs, their communities, localities and businesses. It is the objective of the Executive Committee to develop the game within its administrative area to a point where leaders within the communities, and players, will strongly identify with their club and their league administrative body and our potential role in harmony with other voluntary sports organisations.
304428/08/1628/08/163SFAI Cup DrawThe draws for the SFAI Cups were made this week. All draws are on There is a new addition to this years competitions with the regional competitions being finished to a Final in each section. This does not affect the round of 32 draw which will take place after the December SFAI Council Meeting. Good luck to all teams taking part.
245411/07/1611/07/1612Code of ConductCode of Conduct
245311/07/1631/07/1710CDJL League Affiliation Form 2017/2018 Form 2017-2018.docx
241304/07/1604/07/1612AGM Rules and Procedures
231028/05/1628/05/1610Garda Vetting Form Vetting Form - 29.04.16.pdf
230024/05/1624/05/1610Garda Vetting Form Parental Consent Form Vetting - NVB 3 Parent Guardian Consent Form.pdf
229623/05/1623/05/163Galway Cup Sponsorship LetterGalway Cup Sponsorship Letter
227915/05/1615/05/163Season FinaleWith the end of this years Cup Finals, the final fixtures involving League Clubs with the Final of the Under 13 Cairdeas Regions Shield between St Patricks Boys and Athy Town. This match will take place in Athy on Tuesday with a 7pm Kick Off. St Pats fresh from winning the Under 13 Carlow Cup will be full of confidence and we wish them the best of luck in the Final. The Under 16 Girls Champions League Final will be contested this Friday between 2 Carlow sides, Carlow Champions Baltinglass and Vale Wanderers in Parkvilles fabulous grounds with a 7pm Kick Off. Good Luck to both teams.
217527/04/1627/04/1612CDJL Code of Conduct
216924/04/1605/05/1612AGM Rules and ProceduresAnnual General Meeting 2016 Dates 1. The AGM will be held at 8.00pm on Monday 4th July 2016 in the Talbot Hotel Carlow 2. Completed Nomination Forms for Officer and Committee positions must reach the Hon Secretary of the CDJL on or before 5.00pm Monday 6th June 2016 3. Proposed Motions or Rule Changes on Club Stationery and signed by the Club Secretary must reach the Hon Secretary of the CDJL on or before 5.00pm Monday 6th June 2016 4. Names of Delegates must be submitted in writing on Club Stationery and signed by the Club Secretary to the Hon Secretary of the CDJL before 5.00pm on Friday 17th June 2016. Only those whose names are submitted by this deadline will be allowed attend the AGM
194803/04/1603/04/163Sponsors RequiredThis years Kennedy Cup Squad are actively fundraising to help pay for the high costs associated with travelling to Limerick to represent Carlow in the Kennedy Cup. If any business would like to help these young players, we are running a player sponsorship programme where you can sponsor a player for €200. All companies sponsoring players will receive an invite to the sponsors night where one company will be drawn out and their company name will put on the new team strip for the Kennedy Cup. HELP SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL PLAYERS. Anyone interested please contact Peter Harvey on 086-4100995
167124/02/1624/02/163Girls Academy SquadsFollowing on from the trials conducted over the past two weekends the following squads have been selected to take part in this year's Gaynor Cup competitions. We would like to thank all the girls who turned up and took part in these trials. Any girls who may have missed the trials for any reason can still be looked at and assessed by the coaches just by contacting us and letting us know and we will arrange for this to happen. U12 Squad Niamh Lawlor - Burrin Celtic Siofra O'Neill - N/A Olwyn Lawlor - N/A Sinead Thomson - St Joseph's Kate McDonald - St Joseph's Sarah Nolan - St Joseph's Cariosa Morahan - Hanover Harps Wicktoria Gorczyca - Bagenalstown Emma Walker - Hanover Harps Sarah Timmons - Hanover Harps Niamh Graham - Crettyard United Holly Wall - Bagenalstown Katie C Byrne - Hanover Harps Kerrie Smith - Hanover Harps U14 Squad Tara Long - Milltown United Kelly O'Neill - St Joseph's Kayleigh Shannon - Hanover Harps Abby Phelan - Hanover Harps Laura Kearney - Vale Wanderers Sara Jane Doran - Milltown United Blessing Kingsley - Hanover Harps Grace Cullen - St Joseph's Sara Kerfah - Hanover Harps Beth Evesson - Hanover Harps Michaela Delaney - Hanover Harps Shauna O'Neill - Bagenalstown Rachel O'Brien - Nurney Villa Jean Bride - St Anne's Aoibhan Kelly - N/A Rachel Doyle - Hanover Harps Emer Cawley - Hanover Harps
156012/02/1617/02/1611CDJL Rules & ProceduresCarlow and District Juveniles League Handbook & Rules 2016
87712/10/1524/05/1610Inter-Club/Inter-League Transfer Form Form.pdf
83608/10/1524/05/1610Girls Tournament Registration Form[a href=" Girls Player registration form 2016-2017.docx"]U16s Girls Player registration form 2016-2017.docx[/a]
68214/09/1524/05/1610Non National Registration Form[a href=" of Non-Nationals.pdf"]Non_National_Registration_Form.pdf[/a]
68014/09/1530/05/1610Garda Vetting Form Checklist[a href=" GV Checklist - July 2014.pdf"]Garda_Vetting_Form_Checklist.pdf[/a]
65911/09/1505/02/161Results & Match Reports Home Secretaries will receive an email each week with a link for entering [b]Match Results[/b] and another link for [b]Match Reports.[/b] Please make sure that these are both completed by 6pm every Match Day. The Away side MUST give best players and goalscorers to the Home Manager after each match. Match Reports and Results will only start from Under 12. No Results or Reports will be accepted for Under 8 to Under 11. The match report link will also allow you to upload [b]Match Photographs[/b]. Please use this to upload photographs, which will go into the Match Reports section and also feature in the Gallerys section of our web site.
63006/09/1505/02/161Fixtures information our new website you will find all the information you need about fixtures in the menus in top left corner. If you click on competitions in top left corner you will find fixtures, results and tables. For a quick look at next fixtures click that option. Important dates for SFAI cups. Under 16, 14 and 12 start 26th September and u13,15 the 4th October
52718/08/1504/02/1612Kennedy Cup SponsorsThanks to all our sponsors for the 2014 Kennedy Cup. support is very much welcomed and we look forward to supporting your businesses in the future. The Jersey Sponsorship was won by [b]Centra, Potato Market, Carlow.[/b]
52518/08/1501/02/1612 Carlow & District Juveniles League Academy - Our History [b]Carlow & District Juveniles League Academies[/b] have gone from strength to strength in the last number of years. When the new committee was elected in the Autumn of 2009, Carlow were ranked 31st out of the 32 Schoolboy Leagues around the country. The committee made a decision that we needed to put more effort into enhancing the skills that we undoubtedly had at the disposal of the League. Firstly it was decided that we should appoint an [b]Academy Director whose sole responsibility was to improve the performances of the squad[/b] and set up an [b]Academy structure to help the players[/b] within our league. With the prestigious [b]Kennedy Cup[/b] fast approaching for the then under 13 squad at the time, we devoted all our time and energy into getting them ready for this tournament with an Easter training camp in Johnstown House followed by a tough schedule of coaching sessions and friendly matches to get them ready for the Kennedy Cup. This preparation saw the squad excel in the tournament by finishing 10th, the best ever finish to date by a Carlow Academy Team at the Kennedy Cup.
42411/07/1510/06/191Welcome to the official website of Carlow & District Juvenile League Kennedy Cup Squad 20191.jpgHere you can keep up to date with the latest fixtures and results as well as all the latest news from the regions underage clubs. Browse through our photo gallery to see some of the action! This website provides information about each club that plays in the Carlow & District Juvenile League. Where possible we provide a map and a streetview of a clubs home ground to help those involved with visiting teams to locate the pitch. If you are associated with a club and would like to provide us with more information about the background of your club and an exact location of your home ground then please contact us. We will update your clubs page with the new information. Any Club that would like to add news to our Website, please email with the item.