Hanover Harps AFC v Burrin Celtic AFC
u13 div 1 13/11 11:15
Hanover Harps AFC 8 - 2 Burrin Celtic AFC

Hanover Harps met Burrin Celtic today which started out as a very evenly matched game with both teams looking to dominate. Hanover made the first break with a brilliant pass in from Timmy Adeleye to Brian Louw who easily found the back of the net. As both teams settled back into the game Burrin weren't giving up and pushed through Hanovers defence to score an amazing equalizer. Both teams had plenty of chances and after a couple of misplaced shots, Charlie McHugh kicked in a fantastic ball from the corner which connected with a strong header from Ronan Dooley to reach the back of the net. 2-1 at half time it was anyone's game.

Hanover came out all guns blazing in the second half breaking through Burrin defence and finding the back of the net with a strong and perfectly shot ball from Brian Louw. Burrin kept the pressure on but couldn't stop an amazing assist from Brian to Timmy Adeleye to make the score 4-1. However, Burrin didn't slow down and with a brilliant free kick they got their second goal from Bobby Finn. With 10 minutes to go Burrins goalie had to work extra hard with another fantastic ball crossed in to Timmy who without hesitation popped it into the net. Quickly after that, Ronan Dooley lobbed in a beautiful ball to get goal number 6 for Hanover. Burrin defence tried but just couldn't stop an amazing shot from Timmy Adeleye from outside the box getting him his hat trick. And then in the closing minutes of the game Brian Louw got goal number 8 for Hanover, securing himself a hat trick also in this game. Overall it was a great team performance from both teams.

Goal scorers for Burrin Celtic were Bobby Finn 2.

Goal scorers for Hanover Harps were Brian Louw 3, Timmy Adeleye 3, Ronan Dooley 2.

Best for Burrin Celtic..

Colm Donald

Robbie Kelleher

Tadhg Cambell

Best for Hanover Harps..

Timmy Adeleye

Ronan Dooley

Brian Louw

13/11/2021 17:36