St Anne's AFC v Hanover Harps AFC
Win for Hanover
U14 League Div 1 26/09 11:30
St Anne's AFC 0 - 3 Hanover Harps AFC

Two good sides meet on a sunny morning in St Annes pitch for the first league game. As expected from both these sides it was a great game from the kick off. St Annes showed some lovely passing of play but it was Hanover who was first to score with a mixed up in St Annes defence that should of cleared the ball but Sean Hayden was ready and hit the back of the net. St Annes had a lot of the ball but Hanover kept closing down all the shots Calum Mc Elroy hit the ball from a great pass from Seamus Lynch but it was saved from Hanover keeper. Aaron Cunningham Burke found the back of St Annes net from a cross kicked in and it went top conor. First half ended 2 0 to Hanover. St Annes came back out in the second half and pushed hard but all to no avail as Hanover kept their lines cleared. St Annes goal keeper Shane Baldwin made some great saves to deny Hanover anymore scores but Hanover clasped a last goal in the last play of the game from Aaron Cunningham Burke again where they caught St Annes on the break. Overall great game, both teams showed good passing and skills but it was Hanover to hit the back of the net and come out on top. Best for Hanover Ronan Sullivan,Jason Dillon,Cody Molloy and Dermot Lawlor. Best for St Annes was Sean Rowan,Shane Baldwin and Oisin Kelly.

26/09/2020 14:54