St Joseph's AFC v St Patrick's Boys AFC Pink
Entertaining game between 2 competitive teams
U14 league div 2 03/10 12:30
St Joseph's AFC 3 - 2 St Patrick's Boys AFC Pink

What a great entertainment game between 2 competitive teams at home in st Joseph's pitch. In a tense game, with both teams creating chances. It was Joeys who took the lead & opened the scoring in this game with Seamus Bible , scoring the 1st goal, around the 25th min. Both teams, put up a fight till Half time. Where ut came out for Joeys to lead at half time. 1 nil.

After the interval , St Pats came out strong , scoring 2 goals within 15 mins , with 5mins apart, goals scored by Kate Culleton & Mollie Cowman, putting St pat's ahead for about 10mins , where Joeys then picked up their heads, getting an equaliser through Mickey Byrne, bring both teams level up to around 30th min . We're both teams were fighting hard to score. Where both teams had great opportunities, but on the 30th min, was Mickey Byrne that got the last goal of the game. Leaving both teams to fight for more goals. But it was Joeys to come out on top, to get the points for today's game.

Todays game was a great entertaining game to watch . Where we had 2 competitive teams , that wanted the win. Where both teams , never gave up sight or hope in this thrilling game.

JOEYS SCORERS: Seamus Bible , Mickey Byrne (2)

ST PATS SCORERS: Kate Culleton, Mollie Cowman

JOEYS PLAYERS: Jack Keating, Luke Campion, Seamus Bible & James Carpenter

ST PATS PLAYERS: Rose Fascikin , Kaithlin Timmons & Grainne Thompson

03/10/2020 14:59