Carlow and District Juveniles League
Handbook & Rules 2019

The purpose of the League Directory is to provide Affiliated Clubs with up to date information on the Structure, Policies and Rules of the League for the current season. The League’s Website – – is the official voice of the League Executive Committee and is the means by which affiliated clubs are officially advised of current developments in the game at local, regional and national level.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Executive Committee to dedicate its administrative services to improving the competitive position of all our affiliated clubs in all competitions. We seek to create and foster a challenging and stimulating environment in which our players can achieve their full potential through developing their skills and sustaining successful relationships with our affiliated clubs, their communities, localities and businesses.

It is the objective of the Executive Committee to develop the game within its administrative area to a point where leaders within the communities, and players, will strongly identify with their club and their league administrative body and our potential role in harmony with other voluntary sports organisations.

Meetings of League Council
League Council meetings will be held bi-monthly in September November January March and May, and on any other occasion as the Executive Committee may see fit. Smoking, the consumption of alcohol, the use of drugs/prohibited substances, the use of mobile phones or other mobile devices or other disruptions to the official business or orderly conduct of the League Council meetings will not be permitted. All affiliated member clubs must be represented at each League Council Meeting, the fine for non-attendance is €60.

Affiliated Clubs
The following are our current affiliated clubs;
Baltinglass Town
Ballymurphy Celtic
Burrin Celtic
Crettyard United
GRS United
Hanover Harps
Milltown United
New Oak Boys
Nurney Villa
Parkville United
Slaney Rovers
St Anne’s
St Fiacc’s
St Joseph’s
St Patrick’s Boys
Vale Wanderers
Contact details for all our affiliated clubs can be found on our website by clicking on the “Clubs” tab and selecting the required club from the dropdown list.

Match Fixtures – Where a club fails to fulfil a fixture they will be subject to an automatic €150 fine, payable within 7 days of the date of the fixture. Where a club fails to fulfil a fixture and this action results in the opposing club/team incurring costs in respect of transport, match officials fees/expenses, pitch markings or other ground work, food, etc., the club failing to fulfil the fixture will also be held responsible for these costs by the league. Where only one team appears for a match fixture that team/club must pay the full match fee to the match official present and this fee will then be recouped from the club who failed to fulfil the fixture by the league and refunded to the club who did fulfil the fixture.
Registrations – The final date for registration of players is 1st March. Players must be fully registered on the on-line systems before they are eligible to play in any game (players shown on the system as unconfirmed are not registered and are not eligible to play).
Finals/Play-offs – All finals and play-offs, will where possible be allocated to a neutral venue. The venue’s parent club will be responsible for pitch markings, roping off pitch, car parking arrangements, etc. The league will be responsible for the collection of admission charges at such events and where such charges are operated the league will be responsible for the payment of the match officials’ fees.
Player Registration Fees - €12 per player payable on registration.
Fines – All fines incurred by a club must be paid within 7 days.
Club Accounts – All club accounts must be kept up to date on a monthly basis.
Insurance Policy - All affiliated clubs must have a fully paid-up Public Liability Insurance policy in force at all times.
While it is not compulsory it is highly recommended and advisable for all affiliated clubs to have a Personal Accident Insurance Policy in force also.
Referee Fees - Match Referee fees must be paid (on a 50/50 basis by both teams) before the match kicks off. Under
no circumstances should a club/team refuse to pay a referee or withhold payment of the fee for any reason
whatsoever. It is the responsibility of the club official (manager, coach, etc.) in charge of the team on the day to make
the payment to the referee in accordance with the foregoing.

Schedule “A” – List of Fines

Clubs giving a walk-over€150
Unregistered Player€ 30
Protest/Appeal Fee€150
Late Kick-Off
Incomplete/Illegible or Wrongly completed Match Card€ 30
No Football
Substandard or No Pitch Markings€ 20
Substandard or No Nets or Goalposts€ 20
Incorrect or No Corner Flags€ 20
Substandard or No First Aid Kit€ 20
Incomplete Match Kit (per player)€ 20
Non-Payment of Referee€100
Substandard or No Match Report submitted€ 30
Non-Representation at League Council Meeting€ 60
Failure to attend Disciplinary Meeting/Hearing when required€100
Red Card in game* - Automatic 1 Game suspension + Committee Decision and/or Fine
4 Yellow Cards in season* - Automatic 1 Game suspension + Committee Decision and/or Fine
8 Yellow Cards in season* - Automatic 3 Game suspension + Committee Decision and/or Fine
Club/Team responsible for abandonment of match - Committee Decision
Any abuse towards a Player or Match Official - Automatic 3 Game suspension + Committee Decision and/or Fine
Failure of club/home team to provide ground - Committee Decision

*Player and/or Club Representative/s may be required to attend the Disciplinary Meeting/Hearing if deemed necessary

Match Reporting
The league executive committee will arrange for the publication of its match results/reports and fixtures in the local press. Because published match results/reports are an ideal way to promote the activities of the league and your club it is compulsory for all clubs to submit match results/reports following every game in accordance with the following procedures;
CDJL Games (League/Cup/Shield, etc.) - (1) Home team will receive links by email which they must use for submitting (a) match result, and (b) match report. The report must contain all the relevant details of the match including goal scorers and best players for BOTH teams (it is the responsibility of the away team management to supply these details to the home management)
(2) Away team must provide the details to the home team’s management of their best players and goal scorers. They do not have to do anything else.
Other Games (Under the auspices of the SFAI/CDJL) - (1) Any CDJL team playing away in any outside competition must submit a match report. They will receive links as above to do so. There is no compulsion to include the names of the goal scorers/best players of the opposing team in these games.

I.e. Joe Bloggs, Jane Doe, Fred Flintstone, etc., etc. (2) Club names must always start with a capital letter – i.e. New Oak Boys, Vale Wanderers, Slaney Rovers, etc., etc. (3) Names of places must always start with a capital letter – i.e. Tullow, Bagenalstown, Hawkin’s Lane, McGrath Park, etc., etc. (4) All sentences must always start with a capital letter and end with a full-stop - i.e. From the off GRS United were in fine form attacking the Milltown United defence straight away with Joe Bloggs forcing the Milltown keeper to pull off a string of fine saves. (5) The deadline for submitting match reports is 6pm for Saturday/Sunday games. For midweek games the deadline is 1 hour after the game concludes. (6) Clubs should delegate responsibility for submitting match reports to suitable and reliable club person/s.

League Website
Clubs should always check the league website – – for real time league news, fixtures, kick-off times, results, tables and a lot more. The official league website is the ONLY platform where clubs should check for the up-to-date regarding fixtures, results, etc., as what is printed in the local press is for guide purposes only and may not reflect the current up-to-date position.

All players sent off are subject to an automatic 1 match suspension which MUST be served in the next match of that competition. Any further suspension imposed by the league MUST also be served before the player re-commences playing. In reaching a decision the League may have regard to the player’s previous record.
Players sent off for fighting, striking or kicking or spitting at an opponent, very dangerous or very late or very high tackle, dangerous or late or high tackle, retaliation, tripping or kicking wildly, threatening, foul or abusive language or persistent bad conduct will receive a minimum sanction in accordance with current FAI rules plus any other sanction/s as decided by disciplinary committee. A match official may caution (yellow card) a player for any of the foregoing offences and any such caution will be recorded against the player.
Players sent off for persistent handling, dissention or dissent to Match Officials, handling or attempting to handle in order to prevent a score, leaving the field of play without the Match Official’s permission, will receive a minimum 1 match suspension. A match official may caution (yellow card) a player for any of the foregoing offences and any such caution will be recorded against the player.
Players sent off for head-butting or attempting to head butt an opponent will receive a suspension of one (1) year.
A match official may caution (yellow card) a player for any of the foregoing offences and any such caution will be recorded against the player. The league committee considers any deliberate and exaggerated movement of a club member’s head towards another person in a confrontation or challenge to be an attempted head butt.
Players or Club members sent off for or dismissed from the field for striking or attempting to strike a Match Official are automatically and immediately suspended pending a disciplinary investigation. Where the league is satisfied that a player or club member is guilty of such an offence a minimum suspension of one (1) year shall apply.
A player accumulating four (4) cautions (yellow cards) in a season will receive a minimum suspension of one (1) match.
A player accumulating eight (8) cautions (yellow cards) in a season will receive a minimum suspension of three (3) matches.
Any player or club member who publicly disparages, discriminates against or denigrates someone in a derogatory manner on account of race, colour, language, infirmity, religion or ethnic origin, or perpetrates any other racist and/or contemptuous act, shall be subject to disciplinary sanction by the league committee. The committee shall consider and have the power to impose a suspension, fine and/or other sanction as deemed appropriate. The minimum suspension for an individual shall be for a period of five (5) matches. If spectators engage in racist or other contemptuous behaviour, including chanting or displaying racist or other contemptuous slogans at a match the league committee shall sanction the club which these spectators support. If the spectators can not be identified as supporters of one or other club the host club may be sanctioned. Spectators engaging in racist or other contemptuous act may also be subject to disciplinary sanction.
Any player, club or club member/supporter who brings the game of football or the Carlow & District Juveniles into disrepute by any means, written, verbal, by action or otherwise shall be sanctioned with a suspension and/or fine and/or a ban on performing any football related activity or other sanction deemed appropriate by the league committee.
Public comment of the following nature may result in disciplinary sanction; (a) comments which are offensive or threatening in any way and/or; (b) comments causing damage to the game or bringing the game or the Carlow & District Juveniles League in to disrepute and/or; (c) Unsubstantiated allegations which question any person or bodies integrity or are disparaging in any way.
All players, clubs and their members/supporters are bound by the FAI rules, codes of conduct and guidelines governing the protection and welfare of children. Any breaches of such rules, codes and guidelines shall be subject to disciplinary sanction by the league committee who may impose any sanction they deem appropriate.

Match Day Requirements
In order to avoid incurring fines all clubs should delegate the following match day responsibilities to capable members;
(1)Proper pitch markings – which must be applied in accordance with regulations.
(2)Home Team: I playable football. Away Team: 1 playable football.
(3)For Cup semi-finals and finals each team to provide 2 playable footballs.
(4)Complete nets and goalposts – Nets secured to goal structure and ground.
(5)If used for goals in small-sided games - Poles must be a minimum of 5ft in height.
(6)5ft high corner flags.
(7)Proper, clean and safe playing surface.
(8)Team members must be wearing a complete team kit in accordance with the club’s official colours as registered with the league and displayed on the league’s website. Away team must not travel with colours that clash with home team – in the event of a clash AWAY team must change into different colours (these need not be their registered colours)
(9)Team members must also be wearing shin-guards.
(10) Goalkeeper must wear long-sleeved jersey and headgear may only consist of a peak cap.
(11) Complete First Aid kit.
(12) Ensure safety of Match Officials, Players and Spectators.
(13) Prompt payment of Match Officials before kick-off in all matches.
(14) Proper completion of Match Card – Players names in BLOCK CAPITALS ONLY and properly signed.
(15) Proper directional information and access to ground.
(16) Ensure availability of teams for inspection by match official at least 15 minutes before official kick-off time.
(17) Ensure match results and match reports are submitted before deadline.

Rule 1: The League shall be known as “The Carlow and District Juveniles League”
Rule 2: Membership of the League shall be open to clubs approved by the Executive Committee, who have paid the affiliation fees and who are not under disciplinary action or suspension by any other League in the country.
Rule 3: The League shall be controlled by an Executive Committee, comprising of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Asst. Secretary, PRO, Treasurer, Registrar and Academy Director, with the assistance of a management committee comprising of not more than six club representatives.
Rule 4: No representative of any other league affiliated to the SFAI shall be eligible to hold office within the League at either Executive, Management or Council level.
Rule 5: The Executive Committee shall appoint such Hon. Officers which from time to time it considers necessary.
Rule 6: The Executive Committee shall remain in office unless a new committee be formed at the AGM.
Rule 7 (a): The AGM of the League shall be held within three weeks of the seasons close, and shall consist of the Hon. Officers and the Executive Committee, together with one representative of each club. Clubs with more than one team will be allowed send one extra representative for each additional team. Two weeks notice shall be given with an agenda.
(b) The Executive when required must convene an EGM at the written request of at least 50% of the member clubs. The written request must set out the reasons for such a meeting. The Executive Committee shall give notice of such a meeting within seven days of receipt of the said request.
Rule 8: No two clubs shall be represented by the same person and no club will be eligible to receive a card of admission unless that club has fulfilled all its obligations. The Hon. Officers and members of the Executive Committee shall give notice of such a meeting within seven days of receipt of the said request.
Rule 9: The finances of the League shall be controlled by the Executive Committee which may create such funds for the purpose of the League as and when they are satisfied that same is desirable.
Rule 10: All monies received must be lodged to the account of “The Carlow and District Juveniles League”. The account shall be operated by the Hon. Treasurer. All drawings must receive the sanction of the Executive Committee.
Rule 11: The Hon. Treasurer shall keep such books as are required by the Executive Committee. He/she enter in a proper cash book the date and receipt of such monies as may be handed to him/her, together with a note and details of each withdrawal from the bank. He/she shall be allowed a sum for petty cash, for any purpose considered necessary.
Rule 12: The Executive Committee shall be allowed such sums as may be considered necessary to meet expenses during the season. The League Hon. Officials must keep a true record and receipts and the expenditure in a proper account book, with the date on which the expenditure was incurred. They must submit accounts to the Hon. Treasurer as and when required.
Rule 13: The Executive Committee shall make all arrangements in connection with the purchase of trophies.
Rule 14: League fees must be paid to the Hon. Treasurer, who shall give an official receipt for all monies received. Dates shall be set by the Executive Committee for the payment of such fees.
Rule 15: The Executive Committee shall have the power to deal with any other matter that arises, that is not specifically covered by any of these rules, subject to the approval of Council.
Rule 16: The Executive Committee shall have the power to suspend fixtures, refix matches, expel or otherwise punish any club guilty of infringing any of the rules, subject always to the existing rights of appeal.
Rule 17:
1.Rules may only be amended at an AGM or an EGM.
2.Any Club shall have the right to submit alterations to the rules of the CDJL which must be submitted in writing, signed by the club secretary, fourteen days before the advertised date of the AGM. These proposed alterations to Rules shall be considered by the Rules Committee and the Executive and then circulated to those entitled to attend the AGM or, if necessary, an EGM. The Rules Committee and the Executive shall have the right to submit alterations to the Rules to the AGM of the League or to an EGM convened for the purpose of amending the Rules.
3.No alteration of Rules shall be made unless supported by at least two-thirds of those present and voting at the AGM/EGM.

Rule 18: The business of the League shall be conducted by a Council of one representative from each club in the League and the League Committee. Clubs with more than one team will be allowed to send a maximum of one extra representative.
Rule 19: Clubs failing to be represented at meetings shall be fined in accordance with Schedule “A”, unless they give a satisfactory explanation to the Executive Committee for their absence.
Rule 20: The Executive Committee shall have the power to exclude from the League in the ensuing season’s competition any club whose conduct has in the considered opinion of the Executive Committee been objectionable.
Rule 21: The Hon. Secretary shall conduct all correspondence in connection with the League, and all communication on League matters must be addressed to him/her.
Rule 22: The Hon. Secretary shall arrange the holding of meetings of the league every two months, or when same may be considered necessary.
Rule 23: Schedule “A” of these rules sets out the fines which may be applied to specific disciplinary action. This schedule may be revised by the Executive Committee from time to time.
Rule 24: The Executive Committee of the Carlow and District Juveniles League has sole power to;
Award points or order replays.
Fine, suspend, or otherwise punish individuals, teams or clubs under its jurisdiction.
Accept or reject teams for competition.

Rule 26: The Executive Committee will not accept any responsibility for any injuries to players, club officials or supporters. Clubs shall make adequate provision for all necessary public liability insurance cover.
Rule 27: All clubs shall be responsible for the behaviour of their players, officials and supporters. If any player, official or supporter of a club brings the game into disrepute, the club may be fined or suspended or both.
Rule 28: Each club shall prior to July 30th of each year, register with the League Hon. Secretary the name and address of its Hon. Secretary, the situation of the ground and club colours, and any further information that may be required. In the event of a club changing its Hon. |Secretary, such club must notify the League Hon Secretary and also the Hon. Secretary of every other club. The club representative must verbally notify such change at the next Council meeting.
Rule 29: League clubs must place their grounds at the disposal of the League for representative games or other matches, and in the event of a club failing to comply with this rule, without giving a satisfactory reason, the Executive Committee shall have the power to remove them from taking further part in this League, or otherwise fine them if considered necessary.
Rule 30: At the end of each league competition, the team scoring the largest number of points, shall be declared the League Champions and shall be entitled to receive the Championship trophies. If the League finances permit, trophies shall be presented to the runners-up.
Rule 31: Clubs giving a walkover or failing to turn up will be fined in accordance with Schedule “A”, and are also liable for the full referee fees and expenses. The Hon. Treasurer will dispose of the expenses as directed by the Executive Committee.
Rule 32: No club shall have the power to postpone a League fixture and any club so doing, will be adjudicated to have given a walkover. The Hon. Fixtures Secretary on giving notice to the club concerned, has the power to bring forward any League fixture.
Rule 33: Clubs or teams giving walkovers shall be fined such amount as set out in Schedule “A”. Such fine to be paid by next Council Meeting.
Rule 34: Clubs unavailable for games for any reason whatsoever, shall notify the Hon. Fixtures Secretary in writing at least 10 days before the date they are unavailable.
Rule 35: Clubs unavailable to fulfil an away fixture will lose points and home game shall be played away. If the home game has already been played then they lose the points and will be fined.
Rule 36: Clubs are responsible to see that players selected from their club to represent the League in games against other leagues, must attend all trials and games for which they are selected.
Rule 37: Suspended clubs or players will not be allowed to run or participate in any tournament or competition in or out of season.
Rule 38: The Executive Committee shall have the power to expel any club guilty of any attempt to induce a bona-fide player of another club to join them, or for misconduct or obstruction.
Rule 39: Clubs placing players under suspension should notify the Hon. Secretary of the League giving names of individuals and particulars of suspension. There is no carry-over of disciplinary points from one season to another, but games shall.
Rule 40: If a club shall be disbanded leaving money due to the Carlow and District Juveniles League, the registered players and officials of this club shall be held personally responsible for the said monies. The amount due shall be doubled and then divided equally among these players/officials. Each registered player or official shall then be responsible for payment of his/her portion of the monies before he/she can register with another club. This money shall be in addition to any transfer or registration fee.
Rule 41: The executive committee may require details of the balance sheet and financial statement of any club at the end of each season. Failure to submit such financial details may result in immediate suspension of the club from the league.

Rule 42: (a) Players must be registered on official forms supplied by the Carlow and District Juveniles League. Forms must be signed by player and his/her parents/guardian. All details on the form must be completed. Birth Certificates must be supplied with the form otherwise the player/s will be deemed ineligible. Registration forms must be retained and filed by clubs having entered all required details on the League’s on-line registration system. Birth certificates and any other documents required in support of the player/s registration must be uploaded on this system also – if they cannot be uploaded for any reason they must be sent to the Hon. Registrar by post or email. A player is not registered until confirmed on the system by the Hon. Registrar of the League. A player is deemed registered from the date and time the Hon. Registrar confirms his/her registration on the on-line registration system. No player shall be registered after the 1st March of each season.
(b) A player wilfully signing for more than one club without having received a release from his original club shall be dealt with as the Executive Committee shall think fit.
(c) No player/s shall transfer from their club after December 31st.
(d) Clubs may not sign more than two players per age group from U11s to U16s in any given season who were selected on, or were part of, or played for, any of the following Carlow and District Juveniles League squads/teams from U11s to U16s whilst being a registered player with another club in the previous season;

(e)Players can only be selected on, or play in, any of the following Carlow and District Juveniles League squads/teams provided they were born in the actual designated year, - i.e. 11-year-oldsonly in U11s squad, 12-year-olds only in U12s squad, and so on for each ensuing age group, unless under special circumstances and sanctioned by the league executive committee;

Rule 43: Each club must also register the manager’s name and contact details for each team. Any changes must be notified in writing to the League Hon. Secretary. Each player must be registered with the League Hon. Registrar before participating in any of its competitions. Breach of this rule may result in the loss of points or fine or both for the first instance. A manager may be sanctioned with a suspension and/or a fine of €100 for a second instance.
Birth certificates supplied must be originals. In certain cases and with the approval of the Executive Committee the Hon. Registrar may accept evidence of age other than a birth certificate. Once evidence of date of birth has been accepted it will not be necessary to re-submit such evidence in subsequent years.
A registered player may then play for any team in his/her club in the Carlow and District Juveniles League provided he/she qualifies by age but where a club has two or more teams in the same age-group the player must not play for more than one team at the age level.
If a club has any doubt of any player on the opposing team they shall be at liberty to secure at half-time to request the signatures and dates of birth of not more than three players. The names and signatures of any substitutes used in the second half of the game may be obtained when the game has concluded. Teams failing to comply will be taken as an admission of guilt and will be dealt with by the Executive Committee.
No player may play in a competitive match for more than one club during the same season without being transferred from the original club by the completion of an official transfer form. Breach of this rule will result in the suspension of the team manager, the team and loss of points or match.
The Hon. Registrar of the League may be consulted by a club secretary on a Monday night from 7.30pm to 9.00pm by appointment only. The search fee is €10 and will allow up to 7 players.
An original birth certificate of a player must be produced at the request of the Hon. Registrar within four days of the request.
Clubs withdrawing team/teams from any league once that league has commenced will be fined a maximum of €300.
Rule 44: (a) Players under suspension by the League shall not be allowed to transfer while under suspension.
(b) Suspended players must serve their suspension within the Carlow and District Juveniles League whilst also being suspended from all involvement with any other football team.
Rule 45: A list of printed and signed names for each team including U8s, U9s and U10s must be provided by each club. (This will be used to do spot checks on each team by the Executive Committee at any time).
Rule 45: a) Any Club who has two or more players representing a CDJL Academy on the same day, as a CDJL Club game, will automatically be allowed to postpone that game. This rule only related to the team that the Player normally plays for, i.e. if he/she normally plays for the team in his/her own age group, but occasionally, plays for the team a year above, then the only game that is allowed to be postponed is the one in his/her own age group. b) if, due to the importance of the Academy fixture (Semi-Final or Final) and the match is scheduled to be played on a Sunday, the CDJL Executive requests that Players do not play for their Club on the preceding Saturday, in order to avoid potential injury. Then their normal team will be allowed a postponement of their Saturday fixture, regardless of how many Players are involved in the Academy match. c) Clubs should as a matter of courtesy give reasonable notice, as soon as reasonably practicable to their Opponents and the Referee that the fixture is postponed.

All decisions made by the CDJL League Executive Committee are binding on all Clubs.
Rule 46: A team shall consist of not more than eleven players and not less than seven players, one of which must be the goalkeeper.
Rule 47: Teams fielding more than eleven players shall be liable to be fined.
Rule 48: Teams arriving late for games will be fined.
Rule 49: Teams arriving more than fifteen minutes late shall be liable to lose points.
Rule 50: Teams playing ineligible players shall forfeit the game to their opponents and shall be fined in accordance with Schedule “A” for each such player and other penalties at the discretion of the Executive Committee. If both clubs play ineligible players, the game will be deemed to have been lost by both clubs and both shall be liable as above.
Rule 51: Each team should, at all times, be under the control of two responsible adults acceptable to the Executive Committee.
Rule 52: The season shall rune from September to May each year with no scheduled stoppage in between.
Rule 53: The home club shall provide a proper playing surface for matches. The pitch shall be properly marked in accordance with regulations and shall have full markings, including circle, arches, penalty area, etc., and shall have corner flags five feet over ground level. Goal post of standard dimensions must be provided and shall have nets of good quality and condition and be properly fitted.
Rule 54: The home club shall be responsible for the safety of all players and officials and shall ensure proper and safe access to grounds.
Rule 55: Each team is required to have at least one playable football, two for semi-finals and finals, of the size and weight specified as follows;
U8 - Size 5 - 290 gms
U9 - Size 5 - 320 gms
U10 - Size 5 - 320 gms
U11 - Size 5 - 320 gms
U12 - Size 5 - 370 gms
U13 - Size 5 - 370 gms
U14 - Size 5 - 370 gms
U15 - Size 5 - 450 gms
U16 - Size 5 - 450 gms

Rule 57: Each team shall have sixteen numbered jerseys, numbered 1 to 16, and shall be properly attired before entering the field of play. Teams failing to comply with this rule shall be fined in accordance with Schedule “A”.
Rule 58: In the case of abandoned or unfinished games, the Executive Committee shall investigate into the cause of same, and shall have the power to order a replay or award the points.
Rule 59: All players except goalkeepers must wear the registered colours of their club. Goalkeepers must not wear the same colours as their opponents. In the event of two opposing teams of players having similar colours, the away team must change into other colours that don’t clash with home team’s colours (these need not be registered colours).
Rule 60: Three points shall be awarded for a win, and one point for a draw. In the event of any clubs being equal on points, the Executive Committee shall order a deciding match to be played.
Rule 61: The appointed referee shall be in complete control of the game. Any action, by any person whatsoever, against his authority will be severely punished by the Executive Committee.
Rule 62: In the event of the appointed referee not attending, and the two clubs agreeing to one at the ground, or if a substitute is appointed by any member of the Executive Committee, such a referee will be considered an official for the time being. Both teams must agree, in writing, and duly witnessed, before commencement of the game.
Rule 63: Referees’ cards must be filled in correctly and signed by the Secretary or some other responsible official of the contesting clubs at the beginning of the game with the full Christian and Surnames of the players and linesmen participating in such match, and if it can be proved to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee that a card has been incorrectly filled in, for the purpose of deceiving, the Executive Committee may deprive the club concerned of the points or award the points to their opponents.
Rule 64: The following rule regarding squad/team size, match format/duration, referees, squad players minimum playing time, league tables, pitch size, goal size and substitutions will apply: All age groups as per FAI Player Development Plan, Implementation Booklet Phase 1 – July 2015.
Rule 65: The names of all squad players, starting team and substitutes, must be declared on match card/team sheet before the game commences.
Rule 66: Protests must be forwarded to the Hon. Secretary of the League and an exact copy of same to the club concerned, by registered post bearing a postmark, within two days after the match has been played. (A period of two days after the receipt of protests shall be afforded to tender in support of their case). In no circumstances will a club be allowed to withdraw a protest.
Rule 67: Each protest must be accompanied by a fee (as set out in Schedule “A”). This shall be credited to the League account and shall, in all cases, be forfeited if the protest is considered and not sustained. The Executive Committee may not refund any dismissed protest fee. All protest fees must be sent by bank draft or postal money order. Cheques under no circumstances must be transmitted.
Rule 68: Teams protested against must produce the registration form, birth certificate and any other documents required when requested to do so by the Hon. Secretary together with the player or players protested against.
Rule 69: Protests or Appeals against the decision of the League Disciplinary Committee must be sent to the SFAI subject to their rules. No points shall be awarded, or League or Cup ties played, pending the result of such protest or appeal.
Rule 70: The Hon. Registrar shall receive all documents in connection with the players. A bona fide representative of a club may have access to the register of opponents only by appointment with the Hon. Registrar. The club whose register is to be inspected shall be notified prior to such inspection.
Rule 71: All protests lodged in connection with matches shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee. At the hearing of such protest no member of either club concerned, or any club which, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, is likely to be affected by the result of the investigation, shall be allowed to be present, except when summoned as a witness, or ordered to be present by the Executive Committee. The date of investigation of protests shall be communicated two days in advance to the clubs concerned by the Hon. Secretary of the League. The clubs and/or players shall be summoned to give evidence if they so desire. Clubs and/or players shall be informed of the nature of any charge or complaint against the club and/or player. Only witnesses required are to be brought to the meeting.
Rule 72: The onus of proof of a protest shall be with the protesting club, but the Executive Committee may hold an investigation if they consider the same to be necessary.
Rule 73: When a protest has been upheld, the fee shall be returned unless the decision to uphold has been reversed in the ultimate appeal if any. When a player protested against has been proved ineligible, the points must be awarded to the opposing club, providing no ineligibility of a player of the opposing club has been shown in accordance with the rules.
Rule 74: Where both clubs are duly proved to have played ineligible players, no points shall be allowed to either. In the case of protests other than against players, The Executive Committee shall be allowed to have the power, to award points, order a replay, or make other decisions, as may be deemed to them proper.
Rule 75: In the case of abandoned, or unfinished, matches, should there be cause of protest against any player or players being ineligible, such protest must be lodged within two days after the match or matches have been abandoned, or unfinished. A further period of two days shall be afforded to the club protested against, to lodge a cross appeal.
Rule 76: Objection to ground, posts, ball or flags, must be lodged in writing, before the start of the game, with the referee, who shall have the power to remedy, if possible, the objection before commencing the game. If the cause of the objection is not removed, a formal protest in writing, accompanied by the appropriate protest fee must be lodged within two days to the Hon. Secretary.
Rule 77: a club failing to appear in answer to a protest, when called upon, or failing to give an explanation of their absence shall be fined, in accordance with Schedule "A".
Rule 78: The cup competitions shall be annual, and open to teams competing in the League. The teams to compete in the various competitions shall be decided by the Management Committee at the opening meeting of the League.
Rule 79: The rules of the Carlow and District Juveniles League shall apply as far as they are applicable to these competitions.
Rule 80: No player may play for more than one team in any cup competition per season.
Rule 81: Any player receiving a Red Card will be automatically suspended for one game plus any additional sanction/s imposed by the Disciplinary Committee. Any player receiving 4 Yellow Cards in the season will be suspended for one game plus any additional sanction/s imposed by the Disciplinary Committee. Such suspension/s or sanction/s garnered for receiving 4 Yellow Cards shall not apply to the Final of any domestic Cup Competition. When a player is suspended he/she stands suspended at all levels, until he/she has served the suspension in the age group he/she received the suspension in. There is no carry-over of yellow cards but red card suspensions do.
Rule 82: In the cup competitions if both sides are level at full time, extra time will be played as follows;
U8 to U11 – 2 x 5 min periods
U12 to U16 – 2 x 10 min periods

Rule 83: Any team that has given three or more walkovers during the season will not be eligible to play in the cup competition.

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