Carlow and District Juveniles League
Handbook & Rules 2019

The purpose of the League Directory is to provide Affiliated Clubs with up to date information on the Structure, Policies and Rules of the League for the current season. The League’s Website – – is the official voice of the League Executive Committee and is the means by which affiliated clubs are officially advised of current developments in the game at local, regional and national level.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Executive Committee to dedicate its administrative services to improving the competitive position of all our affiliated clubs in all competitions. We seek to create and foster a challenging and stimulating environment in which our players can achieve their full potential through developing their skills and sustaining successful relationships with our affiliated clubs, their communities, localities and businesses.

It is the objective of the Executive Committee to develop the game within its administrative area to a point where leaders within the communities, and players, will strongly identify with their club and their league administrative body and our potential role in harmony with other voluntary sports organisations.

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